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Indigenous Ministry Competency Training


In the time we are living in, many events from the past have been revealed about the abuses and affects of institutionalization of Indigenous children in Residential Schools.   Heart for the Nations Ministries' pastors and staff have been involved in ministry to the Indigenous community since 1994 in many different capacities. 

Pastor Carol Brzezicki is a Metis' person who was born in Peavine Metis' Settlement just north of High Prairie Alberta.  She did not finish High School as a child and at age 18 moved to the City of Edmonton where she met Pastor Rick Brzezicki.  Carol at age 20 got married to Rick and they started a family.  Carol was working for the Solicitor General's Department as a Correctional Officer and at the age of 30 quit her job and started post-secondary education at Concordia College.  Before Carol entered school, her and Rick received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour in January, 1986. Carol then graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Sociology and minor in Psychology. Carol went on to earn her Master's Degree in Health Studies from Athabasca University.

Along with her education and growing up in an Indigenous community, she has worked for AKO Child and Family Services at then Hobbema Reserve, the Metis Nation of Alberta, Metis Settlements General Counsel, the Indigenous Health Program at AHS, AMO Child and Family Services out of Louis Bull Tribe and presently at the Metis Nation of Alberta advising and establishing Metis Nations C-92 Law that will enable the Metis Nation to have their own Child Welfare laws for prevention and support for families.

Pastor Rick is first generation Canadian born to his parents who came into this country as immigrants during the WWII.  Rick's mother was taken from her home in Ukraine the Nazis and then shipped by cattle car to Kiel Germany where she was put in a concentration camp.  Rick's father fled from Nazis and Soviets into Poland and joined the Polish Paratroopers.  Rick's parents met in the United Kingdom then eventually immigrated to Canada and built a life.

Through the trauma of WWII and the effects of PTSD on Pastor Rick's family, Rick knew the effects of trauma upon a family.  There is dysfunction and lack of life social skills that are imputed upon the family dynamic.  Pastor Rick attended Bethesda Bible School and Christian Life School of Theology received his Bachelor of Theology Degree and now rapping up his Masters of Theology.

Through the years Pastors Rick and Carol knew what it was like to navigate through life's battles and challenges.  Combined with their education and experiences they are able to help ministries, churches and church leaders to navigate the question of:

  1. What is the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) and its "calls to action" relate to your church or ministry.

  2. What are some of the effects of Residential Schools and how do they affect reaching the Indigenous People

  3. What are the different Indigenous People of Canada and why are they unique

  4. What are the best ways to minister and reach out to Indigenous people

  5. Share experiences on how responsible missions or ministry can be accomplished with honour and dignity.

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